The WESTIN La Paloma Resort, Tucson, Arizona
Wednesday, October 5, 2022

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ESC StackVision DAS 
9 am to 3 pm
Mark Astudillo

  •  Stackvision 101: The Basics   = Navigation and Features  – How to use Stackvision?
  • CEMScape  – What is CEMScape and how would it help you?
  • Custom Reports – Review the benefits of Custom Reports
  • Cylinder Management – Review the new and improved Calibration Gas Cylinder Management Tool
  • Record Keeping: The Many Ways to Track your DAS – LogBook  —  Alarm Acknowledgement  –  DataLab Editing   – System Design Reports

This presentation will cover the N-Series platform followed by an overview of our CEMs analyzers offerings, including proper selection of instruments and options, routine maintenance, and troubleshooting / common failures. This will include changes in the architecture of the instruments and comparisons.  The session will be a mix of PowerPoint and live feeds where it will showcase the hardware of the N100 SO2 analyzer using multiple cameras.  It will cover the specific parts of the instruments that relate to the CEMs marker such as ease of maintenance, troubleshooting, and operation. A second presentation on Chemiluminescence NOx analyzers work by detecting the light emitted when Nitric Oxide (NO) reacts with ozone (O3). This discussion will focus on how to select the proper converter for your application, along with maintenance and efficiency expectations.

This workshop will provide an overview of the new source review (NSR) program. NSR programs cover major and minor facilities in both attainment and nonattainment areas and involve complex applicability evaluations. The workshop will provide an overview of the applicability and a summary of the applicable
requirements.                Agenda:    (a) Background of the NSR programs  (b) Definitions  (c) Overview of major NSR applicability  (d) Development of emissions increases associated a project  (e) Summary of applicable requirements

CEMS Academy End-User
1-Day Training Workshop

VIM | STI | Air Hygiene | Universal

  • One-Day CEMs Training:  -Regulatory Basis & Source Obligations   – -Monitoring Hardware Fundamentals  – -Stack Testing Profiling  – -CEMS Integration Basics  – -Data Collection and Reporting   – -RATA Test Keys to a Successful Test  – – CEMS Component Level Tips & Tricks  – -CEMS Maintenance Best Practices

Hiser Joy EPA Permitting & Compliance Regulations
Eric Hiser

This seminar will provide participants with critical information on new developments in clean air regulation, including recent developments in NAAQS, new source review, NESHAP regulation and GHG reporting. The seminar will also address current EPA enforcement priorities, planning and preparing for an inspection, and using the permit process to minimize your enforcement exposure.

Perillon EHS Software for ESG
3 pm to 5 pm
John Niemoller

This workshop will discuss practical approaches to implementing EHS software to support ESG requirements at the operational level.  The workshop will discuss day to day information that should be captured by front line employees and EHS engineers to provide management timely insights into daily EHS operational risks that roll up to ESG reporting.  The session will include a presentation of key ESG concepts, what metrics are important, customer examples, interactive idea-sharing, and a product demonstration including desktop and mobile applications.  Today’s EHS management software solutions are much more intuitive, easier to configure, and easier to implement.   Attendees will gain knowledge of important ESG drivers and what new software capabilities exist to help your organization get started.