Room 2 Track E+G – Thursday, February 15, 2024



Repowering Tech | RNG | Carbon Footprint

Feb 15 (7:30 – 9:30 am)

Screening Coal-Fired PowerPlants for  New Gen Technologies. 
Renewable Natural Gas from Swine Waste
Reduce Environmental Impacts Of Overhead Structures
Applying Frames To Clarify Issues And Manage Conflict


Green | Carbon Capture  | Neutrality  | CO2 Neutrality

Feb 15 ( 10 am – 12pm)

EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism Impacts on US Exporters
CO2 Capture Readiness: Planning for the Future of Fossil Power
Sustainability Making a Greener NYU
Maintaining Momentum to Carbon Neutrality
Green Capture and Repurpose of CO2


Environmental Justice | ESG | EHS | ESG | Energy |Food Nexus

Feb 15 ( 1 pm- 3 pm)

Environmental Justice Considerations in the Transition to Natural Gas and Renewables Energy
Leading the Way: Construction’s Pioneering Role in Climate Adaptation
Synergizing EHS and ESG: Strategies for Optimizing Organizational Performance
Supporting the Heart of the Water – Energy – Food Nexus
Modeling Renewable Energy System for Irrigated Agriculture Farms in the United States

Track G is moved to (E4): Decommissioning, Wildfire, Risk, EHS, EMS


Decommissioning |  Hazard Awareness  | Wildfire  | Risk | Fire Resistant Fluids

Feb 15 (3:30 – 5pm)

Decommissioning & Demolition for Power Plants
Power Plant Closure & Demolition: Cost, Safety and Inherent Risks
Connecting the Desktop to the Field for better Risk and Hazard Awareness at Job Sites
AI Wildfire Detection & All-Hazard Camera Platform – Protecting your assets and the environment
Fyrquel® Phosphate Ester, the self-extinguishing fire-resistant hydraulic fluid