In response to the COVID-19 epidemic, the directives of CDC, local agencies, and concern for the health and safety of our community and attendees, the 23rd annual EUEC 2020 conference containing 300 technical presentations in 13 tracks was converted into the EUEC 2020 Virtual Conference & Networking App.

EUEC 2021: The 24th Annual EUEC Conference & Charge Expo will be held February 11-12, 2021 in the San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, California.


  1. Developed in partnership with CrowdCompass the App serves as a professional networking and technical resource in 2020.
  2. Download the App to your mobile phone or PC. See EUEC App
  3. The App is excellent to use at home and at any time during stay-at-home guidelines and lock-downs.
  4. Contact a network of 2,000 professional registrants, from a 23 year history of annual EUEC participants.
  5. View 300 technical presentations at any time and contact the authors as shown published in the EUEC BROCHURE
  6. The App is not a webinar or live podcast, but a professional networking and technical resource that is active at any time.
  7. The App contains 300 presentations in 13 tracks from EUEC, Charge Expo and Transportation Electrification.
  8. Exhibiting companies use a virtual marketing and networking to advertise, develop leads and industry contacts.
  9. Exhibiting companies develop marketing and leads toward the physical live show to be held at EUEC 2021, Feb 11-12.
  10. Authors get feedback and make live presentations at EUEC 2021, Feb 11-12 in San Diego, California.