Ameren’s Generation Strategy vs. the EPA’s Clean Power Plan: A Case Study in the Benefits of Midwestern Pragmatism

Warner L. Baxter, Chairman, President and CEO, Ameren Corporation

Mr. Warner Baxter, President & CEO, Ameren Corp. making his presentation at EUEC 2015

EDITORIAL NOTE: This article is the second part of a series of featured publications in the June issue of EUEC Journal with Mr. Baxter’s presentation at EUEC 2015, following EPA’s presentation on the Clean Power Plan at the 18th Annual Energy Utility Environment Conference (EUEC), February 16, 2015 in San Diego, California.


In June 2014, the EPA announced its proposed Clean Power Plan (CPP) for existing coal-fired power plants. The EPA’s proposed rule requires states to curb electricity sector-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from 2005 levels by 30 percent by 2030. The plan also includes aggressive interim targets to be implemented beginning in 2020, straining the capacity of states and the electric system to efficiently and reliably implement the rule.

On a parallel track, Ameren has spent years developing its own strategy to accomplish substantial greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions without needlessly jeopardizing the supply of electricity that our customers use to light their homes, power their computers and run their businesses. Our strategy, as detailed in our Integrated Resource Plan (and summarized in this document), would achieve the same final CO2 emission reduction goals as EPA’s plan over a timeframe of just five more years, and at an aggregate cost of $4 billion less. As a utility company that millions turn to for reliable and reasonably priced electricity, we have little choice but to approach carbon reductions from a more practical point of view. … See  full article at EUEC JOURNAL JUNE ISSUE